May 2 - 4, 2003

Fri, May 2

Jorge with a J, also getting sticks for marshmallows

Friday dinner.. mmm.. mr. Noodles...

Greg sneaking in the pic

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4

Allan giving welcom

Speaker: Pastor Ken Tom (aka Dr. Luuoove)

Retreaters 1

Retreaters 2

King Solomon aka Dr. Luuoove...

Greg and Joe D

St. Malo at Night

Frank Playing with fire

Marshmallows roasting on a open fire...

Anna, Me, and Yok, doesn't anna look kinda worried..

Singing at campfire.. Jesus, lover of my soul...

Jorge, Erica, Pak, Cory, and Gigi

Aaron and Jess

The birthday boy

Sat, May 3


oops.. no flash

Bobert, Dr. Love, and uhh.. Farmer Steve?...

Throwing the ball around

Calen aka spiderman

Vince, and Anita

little Kalah

Flex like Batman

more muscles!

The retreaters of 2003

the guys

the gals

the hearts

umm... cross something...

Beside leaders 1

Beside leaders 2

Committee of 2003

Sympoworksium speakers

the grotto!

little Sarah

the name game.. i got it with 3 questions! :D

ppl play name game

didn't seem like we were in manitoba

ben taking pic of anita

Rec leaders Calen and Anita

Group 7 skit - The Alien skit

"i gotta take a leak"

"oh no we left Jorge!"

Group 2 skit - Boys with Toys Musical

Ben and Joe singing about toys for boys that gives joy

Group 1 skit - The Dean Skit

"Isn't it your b-day today?"

Can't push rock....

Can't break stick...

still can't break stick

almost can lift rock

still can't break stick

Group 3 - Car Crash Skit

How come Esther has a smile when she gets hit by a car?

Group 4 - Lychee Mah Jong Skit

Incase of choking... knee to stomach is advised

"What's the difference?"

Group 5 - Dinos on Noah's Ark Skit

roll... roll...

Group 6 - Hot Girl Skit

"What an ugly ride yo!"

in St Malo Prov Park

The "beach"

Ben eating some corn... now that's good eatin!

Eating Dinner

Eating Dinner 2

Yok on vocals, Joe on acoustic, and Aaron on drums

Esther on keys, Jesus on cross

Candlight sharing

Candlight sharing 2

Sun, May 4

Presenting Pastor Ken with CCF Hoody and card

For Me?

Cross-watchers, Cross-bearers, Cross-trainers

Real Bday boys, Chris and Robert

Funny ballon hats and puppet show

Chris getting revenge on Phan

Phan getting Chris back

Lookin pretty

Me and Pken at Seraph EFREE

Committee dinner with Pken at Branigans

More Committee

Group Shot