Secret Mission

The bday girl!

The waitress!

Nice Hat!

mmMMm sushi...

mmMmm wasabi...

don't cry Chris!

No wasabi reaction from Yok

That's a big piece

too big...

Happy Birthday to you!

ahh... blindfolded


The Party

Nice Hat Part II!

Hat Models Esther and Yok

The banner

The People

Pin the tail on the donkey!

Pin on the donkey, not your head!

There we go...

bday girl and donkey

Chris' turn

oh yeh!

Sam and the donkey

Anita and the donkey

Aaron and the donkey

Jeff and the donkey

Yok and Joyce

Dean and the donkey

Dean watch where you're grabbing!

Eugene and the donkey

Rich spinning

Pose for the camera Rich

Rich missing the donkey

No math involved here...

Me posing for the camera

I think i was the closest!

Joyce spining

Wrong way Joyce!

Joyce and the donkey

Erica going the wrong way

still wrong way!

Erica and the donkey

Vera going the wrong way

Vera and the donkey

Frank's clueless

Pin the tail on the.. Frank...

Frank's butt...

Frank you missed big time...

Esther close-up!

Pin the tail on the.. Esther...

Esther kissing the donkey

Esther and the donkey

Cake Time!

Yok posing with cake

die cake!! die!!

Eric and Aaron kart-wheel race uphill

racing again

Chris taking pic of party ppl

Esther taking pic of party ppl

Group shot

ppl on the deck

a little tangled up

crazy girls

at Boston Pizza

yay! free cake!

BP's photo and card

the card

the number