Love Lives Here BBQ
September 14, 2002

Doris & Jessi infront of trailer

The big tent

Getting set up

Volunteers inside

Big tent part 2

Get your hot dogs here!

It was a good turn out

Joyce squirted ketchup in her eye!

Garbage over the sewer

The Line

It was a nice day out, but a bit windy

The Trailer part 2

Bruce cooking the dogs

They had music in the tent

A lot of ppl were listening

Christine the relish girl

Rob didn't do a good job with the mustard.. haha..

A preformer that said he had a cold.. it's too dark to see him

Fresh IE and Sandra Park came too

They did a bunch of songs

Fresh IE

Fresh, dancer, and Sandra

damcer. back up singer 1 and 2


Fresh again

Everyone again

By the time they got there, everyone was almost gone.

Fresh yet again

Fresh and Sandra

The Love Lives Here Bus

Behind the tent

The Side of the tent

The Trailer part 3