Newsboys Concert
June 10, 2002
Thrive Tour

Sorry, too many pics to put captions in! :)
But here's a quick summary...

Concert was supposed to be at Red Ex Park, but cuz of rain it was moved to Selkirk, MB. Went to Blessings for autographs, lydia won 2 supertone cassettes, and 2 more tickets to the concert. Dean got one, and she gave the other away to some guy at blessings. We met up with bel, jon, kevin and his brothers at blessings. I won a backstage pass to see the boys when i got my tickets a while ago. I got to meet Thousand Foot Krutch and Newboys backstage. Didn't get to see the Jake opener. Hence no pics. :P It was a crazy concert, lots of jumping, bumping, singing, and praising. :) Some shots are blurry cuz of the camera delay without a flash. But got some good ones.

Best Memory of the Nite:

Pic 196

"Holy, holy is our God Almighty...
and Holy, holy is His name alone.. yeh..."

The best part of the nite was when the Newsboys weren't even on stage. After a one and a half hour show the end it all off with "It Is You" Peter (lead singer of Newsboys) leads the chorus after the applause fades. The sound of the drums and voices only fill the air. The sampled beats of the drums loops as the boys leave the stage. Still the voices keep praising "Holy holy is our God almighty, holy holy is His name alone, yeh..." The drums finally end and the lights come back on. What a way to end the show. :) Awesome...

1 - 12 - Blessings for autographs
13 - 26 - waiting for bands
27 - 62 - Krutch... Krutch...
63 - 64 - Jake... or what i saw of them
65 - 70 - Backstage with Thousand Foot Krutch
71 - 77 - Backstage with Newsboys
78 - 196 - Newsboys Concert