Skating at Forks
December 19, 2002

Erica's Back!

Phan doesn't waste time putting her to work

Philip doing a twirly thing

Melissa doing some fancy one leg thing

Erica and Cindy

oops forgot flash

Nelson's mug shot

The pathway was done

Downtown Winnipeg

The bridge

Philip, Nelly, and Melissa

Overlooking the bridge

hmm.. lights?

Melissa was the train engine

Philip was the caboose, nelly was cargo

Nelly and Phil

Jay, Phil, Nelly, Mel

you can sorta see the main st bridge

In the shack

the four of us

hmm.. what's phil thinking about?

goofy trio

two thumbs up

swtiched spots

Nelly's sleeping

Bird's eye view

or.. phil's eye view

i choo... chooo... choose you

not sure what this was

we should be on a toothpaste commercial

if you look closely, the city's calling Batman!

that light is actually a ghost... stare at it, i dare you!

frozen breath

take 1

take 2

take 3

I'm gonna try out for next winter olympics speed skating!

I've got some weird expression along with my smile...

the boys

Melissa was doing some twirly thing

woo... blurry

look how fast Phil was skating!

we had a fall

i banged my knee

Then mel took a fall

I like this shot

i choo... chooo... choose you again!

Dinner at Branigan's

Dinner at Branigan's Part II