Mini Golf at Golf Dome

2003 Christmas Social Alternative
Dec 20, 2003

Group Shot before golfing

Hole #1

Justin putting hole #1

the gals at hole #1

Calen aka Colon at hole #2

Justin at hole #3

Me riding the polar bear

Phan and Tara

the gals again... yes i know deans there too.. haha


More Giants!

me riding the moose

hmm.. can't remember what i was doing here


Yet even more giants!

Chris's first hole in one at hole #9... and Phan

getting a pic with the goofy mirrors

me riding the bison

Chris's 2nd hole in one at hole #14

Chris's 3rd hole in one at hole #17

now how did Calen get the ball stuck here?

i couldn't really ride the boy... so i imitated him

ehh.. not sure what Chris was trying to get here

Chilling after golf

The Fellas

The Ladies

The Flintstones!

Scavenger Hunt at St. Vital

Get a Veggie Tale CD with a group members name. It says Jay

Find the book "Older Women, Younger Men"

Find a Long Necked Rooster... this was the longest we saw

Get a pic with Ronald McDonald

Get a pic with some Bling Bling... well it's walmart bling

Get a pic with homer simpson

Get a pic of Turk from Tarzan

here's a closer look

Get a member to take a pic with a bustier bag.. the store was closed but we got a pic of it

Get a member to wear some MAC makeup

Bonus for if it's a boy!

Get a pic lying on a bed

Try on the high healed sneaker that's $90

Dinner at Maxime

Half the table

The *cough*better*cough* half

Waiter changing the tablecloth

the blurry half

Calen licking his plate clean

Lisa it's your birthday!

Happy Birthday Lisa!