Summer Trip 2003
May 28 - June 2, 2003

At Esther's House

Testing out the 256 Compact Flash Card

At Dean's Convo

Can you find Dean?

Here's the bday boy

The Gals and Dean

The Guys and Dean

On our way to YC
Wed, May 28
Approx. 8:30 p.m.

Jho and Yok


Renzie and Me

It looks a lot nicer when you see it first hand

Objects in the Mirror are closer than they appear

The sun setting

God's colour pallet

See you later sun!

what a nice day out

See you tomorrow!

Our Arrival
Approx. 9:30 a.m.
Thurs, May 29
(Happy Birthday Yok!)

Arriving at E3c

on our way to Buddy's

Renzie Driving

BACK DANG!!! BACH DANG!!! hahaha

YAY Buddy's!

BMW M3 beside us... i was trying to be discrete

Ooh.. nice M3 convertable


Renzie and Cosmo!!

Julios for Dinner

Chili pepper lights... mmm spicey

Happy Birthday Yok!

Alotta sombrarros

The Gals

The Chef

The Chef

Day 1 of YC
Fri, May 30

The ice Rink at West Ed

Us at West Ed Mall

drooling over go-karts

zoom zoom...

Me and Cosmo

Vee vee vee!!

Dean got squashed

funny pics

funny pics again

us again at west ed

Dean, Me, Lydia and Greg

two ppl, frank and yok

hahah.. classic dean..

Arrival at Skyreach

a little over 15 000 ppl

lots of ppl

the box

even more ppl

Mike Love


Raise your hand if you love Jesus

Some of us at YC

the crowd again

Opening cerimonies








More fireballs

Do you believe it?


YC03 theme Believe

Ya! Delirious!

Blurry Delirious

Blurry Martin Smith


The Band

I think that's Jonny

cool blue..

ehh blurry...

sorry blurry again

umm. not sure what this is

I think this is Stu G

more D:

and more

some more

and a bit more

Mike Pilavachi

Oliers Penants

Hillsong's United


under the jumbotron thingy

Oliers penants again

and again

The Main Stage

Day 2 of YC
Sat, May 31

Jeanne Mayo

Mikey speaking for the jr/sr highs

Mike again

United leading worship again



united leading worship

Ian, Erica, Me, and Yok

Duffy Robins, great speaker

and a funny man


pillar again

Day 3 of YC
Fri, June 1

Tim Hughes' Working With Words workshop

Tim Huges again

Mike and Tim's workshop

The Relationship between Pastors & Worship Leaders

you can't really see it but Mike slapped Tim.. haha

Tim Hughes leading worship


More of Timmy

Third Day!

ahh blurry

ooh.. nice lensflare...

Mac Powell

YA! Third Day!

Check out that cool Cross in the front

My Buddy Mac

ooo lights

very nice...

very cool

Either Mark or Brad

can't tell who this is

It's Mac again

and again

and again

The whole band

This is a good shot of Mac


not fuzzy

last shot of Mac

Sweet Sixteen stylin his new hat

Due to the malfunction of my digital i couldn't take any pics after the shot of greg till the next day... :(

Going Home
Mon, June 2

Jho taking a nap

Yok wide awake

Our Car aka Rice Rocket

now Yok's sleeping

Lydia and I charging up Nemo

Lydia stole Jho's pillow

so Jho stole Lydia's cat

and got revenge

Yok joined in as well

kill the cat!


stuffing it in the hot rod box

Vee vee vee vee!!!