March 4, 2002
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Duckworth Centre @ the University of Winnipeg
Opening Show - Everyone
Main Program - Delirious
Deeper: North America 2002 Tour

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Some of these pics are featured in this cool delirious site

Featured Pic of Section

Gotta Love those Effect Pedals!

Before The Concert Equipment
Jeff's Acoustic (Lead singer for Everyone) Stu G's Effect Pedals
Stu G's Effect Pedals AGAIN! Martin and Jeff's Effect Pedals
More of Stu G's Effect Pedals More of Martin's Effect Pedals
Everyone's Drumkit (Drums for Everyone) Jeff's Electric Guitar

Opening for Delirous - Everyone
Daniel Whittington (Drums for Everyone) Jeff Searles (Lead Vocals for Everyone)
Phil Siems (Bass) Darren Clarke (Electric Guitar)
Jeff and Darren Phil
Daniel Singing Can't tell Jeff Broke a String
Daniel Doubetime Jeff on Acoustic

Featured Pic of Section

Look at those sticks fly!

Featured Pic of Section

I have red hair!

A Breif Intermission
Jay, Bel, Vince A Bunch of Chinese!

Sol and Jho Here they come!
Stu G (Guitar for Delirious) Martin Smith (Lead Vocals/Guitar for Delirious)
Martin singing Part I Jon Thatcher (bass for Delirious)
Stu G and Martin Stew Smith (Drums and Perc for Delirious)
Another Martin Pic Jonny
Nice Sideburns Smiff! Martin Singing Part II
Martin Singing Part III Stu G
Tim Jupp (Keys for Delirious) Martin on Electric
Martin Singing Part IV Stew with cool specs
Stu G, Tim, and Martin Stew and Jon Part I
Martin on Electric and Singing Part I Stew and Jon Part II
Martin on Electric and Singing Part II Tim on Keys
Jon and Jay (me) haha Tim and Martin
Martin Spinning that "DELIRIOUS ROCKS" thing Still Spinning that thing
Thank You For Saving Me Stu G, Martin, and Tim
Stew on premier kit Who's face is on Jon's Bass?
Should have used red eye reduction Crowd
Martin going Bonkers Allan's Feet
Martin, Stew, and Jon Stew and Jon Part III
Martin Singing Part V Martin on bended knee
Martin Singing Part VI Stu G, and Martin
Stew and Jon Part IV Crowd again
Security was nice Sweet...
Stu G and Martin Jamming on Guitar Canadian Flag and Stew
Stu G's one of many guitar solos haha... Allan
Martin Singing Part VII? Martin, Stew, and Jon
Martin and Jon Martin Reaching for crowd
Tim and Stu G having fun Jon's turn!
Martin walked on top of me I couldn't get a good shot!
Nice Pants Jon! Stew drumming up a storm
Vince, Yen, Jessie, Amanda, and Lydia

Featured Pic of Section

one word... Awesome...

Featured Pic of Section

We got Delirious PICKS!
After The Concert Group of Chinese Folk
Allan, Jay, Sol, and Aaron Stu G, and 2 of Jon's picks!
Stu G's Pick! Jay and Jho
Esther, Erica, Erica's Friend (???), and Cindy Oliver, Eugene, and Phan
Teresa, Esther, Chris, Jon, Erica David, Philip, and Steven
Macho Yok Aldrin, Jho, Jay, and Wilma
Erica getting Delirious' signatures Lisa getting Delirious' signatures
Candy and Dave getting Delirious' signatures i don't know this person...
Tim and Martin Signing The Guys