CCF Retreat 2002
Theme: In Brokenness Complete
Speaker: Phil Wright
Location: Camp Nutimik
Date: May 3 - 5, 2002

Amanda and Jessie's
Baptisimal Service
Location: Seraph EFREE
Date: May 5, 2002
shirt design

Retreat Pictures!

Lounging around

Two goofs... haha. :P

The Worship Team

People singing

Speaker Phil Wright playing his nice guitar

Lots of note takers!

Campfire time!

mmMmmm.. marshmallows...

Sat morning worship

Chris on Drums and Joyce on piano

Kristen playing flute

Workshop speaker Robert Yeung... the chinese guy... ;)

At Worskshop

At Workshop still

Phil's Workshop

More of Phil's Workshop

The frozen tundra... haha..

Lake Nutimik... kinda frozen still...

It thawed out later that day

supposed to say CCF RETREAT. haha

The Committee

Committee again

Sol and Rich

Gav and Sol

Gav, Rich, and Sol. Sol stole my camera... haha. :)

Bedside leaders

Jeff, Jessie, and Vince

Erica on the drums, drummer chics are cool!

The Owners of the camp

me and the soft shell taco... mMMm... those were good...

Q&A Symposium time

Advisor Terry with the mic

Happy Campers

Fuzzy Campers

Funny Campers

more funny campers

Food line... mmmm... food

Erica on bass, and Eric on drums

Girl Talk!

More food mmmmMm...

Chris's B-day!!! and Dean's! haha..

Lisa singing with Phil

Lisa and Phil again

Candle Light Sharing

Candle Light Sharing again

Worship Team at Seraph

Amanda's Testimony

Amanda about to get dunked!


Jessie's Testimony

Ready to get dunked

Hold your breath!

Jessie and Amanda getting certificate

Can't really see Amanda

Flash didn't go off :/

Flash but not looking

Jessie and Nelly

Amanda and Nelly

Kazusa, Joyce, and Lisa

Jho, Phan, Nelly, Joe, Renzie

Kazusa, Amanda, and Joyce

Rob and Amanda