The Ski Trip 2002
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Vince, Sol, and Amanda on the way to Asessippi Ski Resort

Julian getting warmed up before hitting the slopes

Hey, it's me with the goggles!

"Do you like see-food?" - Phan with goggles on

Now it's Amanda's turn with the goggles!

Dean, Eric, Eugene sharing a poutine

Phan and Willa... hmm... Phan must be mighty toasty

Look at Rich's bum... looks like he took a couple falls

Wow... it was 0 degrees!

Here's Asessippi Ski Resort

Here's Asessippi Ski Resort again

Here's Rich and Amanda posing with their boards

Dr. Robert and Andy inside relaxing

Nasty... Eric put your socks back on!

"How YOU doin" - Julian

Renzie and Nelly paying for the day

This is the room where we ate lunch

Phan, my tubing partner

The bus

In the bus going home

Heres...... Janet!

Janet and Sol

My Birthday Party!

The Cookie cake that Yok, Esther, Joyce, and Aaron made for me. :)

Don't mess with the S!

Me and the candle

Me and the candle again

Time to eat the cake!

Me and the Superman!

Yok, Aaron, and Mabelyn


Calen, Chris, Julian, and Dan watching some TV

Oliver, Amanda, Vince, Roby, and Rich acting goofy...

Mafia Part I

Mafia Part II